Monday, July 16, 2012

Still around

I'm still here, just mainly reading everyone's blog posts. 

I have a lot going on and things are getting excited around these parts.  I've started training a friend for a 5k race on August 4.  She's already a runner, she just wanted to bring down her 5k time.  I've been working with her since the middle of June for this race.  At the last 5k we did she ran a 26 or 28:00 minute 5k and wants to run somewhere around a 23 or 22:00 5k.  At that same 5k race, I ran a 22:46 5k.  Where that speed came from is beyond me.  But I was excited.

As for the running buddy, we've actually added two more buddies to our group for a total of 4.  We meet together once a week, usually Tuesday or Wednesday, for some speedwork at the local high school track and then get together Saturday mornings for our longer runs.  It's been a lot of fun running with these ladies. 

I've come to find comfort in knowing that someone else is running with me.  I ran by myself for the longest time and about two weeks ago, I attempted a long run one Saturday morning by myself.  I started way later than our usual start time and I guess with the heat, the being by myself, and the humidity, the run was awful.  I cut it short and had the hubs come pick me up after 9 miles of running.  The next week, I was back with my running friends, and the 8 miles went by way to fast.  I'm loving running with people.  I'm honestly looking forward to marathon training.  Even though I'm the only one out of our friends running the full, they will still run their long runs with me, breaking up my longer runs where I'm not out there by myself the whole time. 

I've also started Tapout XT.  I did all but two days last week.  My whole body was aching and I just didn't think I had it in me.  Also my hip has been giving me problems, so I decided to cut back and let everything just rest. 

Today I plan on running 5 to 6 miles after work, just because I feel the need to run.  I'm itching to get out and hit the pavement for a relaxing (crazy I know) run and just let the stress of this past week and the stress of the past weekend, run away (pun intended).

Also my girls are still out of town.  They have been at their grandmother's for almost a month (tomorrow will be one month).  I saw them for five days at the beginning of this month but when we left to come home and the girls stayed there, I think I cried harder than they did.  I never thought I would miss them this much, but I do.  I'm looking forward to Saturday.  They will be home on Saturday.

I hope you all are doing great.  I'll try to stop by more often, I promise.

Angela :)

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