Thursday, July 19, 2012

Track Party

My running buddies and I have a track party every single week.  It's usually on Wednesday but this week one of the girls had a bike race and so we switched it to Tuesday.  We initially had a tempo run but since we are all at different levels and I don't want anyone to get left behind, I decided to just go to the track.  We ended up doing 3x1600 with 800 jogs in between each set.

We all meet at my house to get ready and then jog down to the track for our warmup mile.  My only goal was to keep each mile repeat around the 7:30 mark.  One of the running buddies is almost at my pace in the running game.  We usually run our jogs in between each set at the same time and our warmup and cool down miles are at the same pace also.  So when we get to the track for speed, I feel as though I'm racing her the whole time.  This week was no exception.  She told me to set the pace and she would keep up.  I'm not exactly sure of all the times but the first one clocked in around 7:16.    The second one was at 7:28 and the last one was around 7:40ish.  On the last one my Ipod died, so I had to run it with no pump me up music.  It was brutal.  We ran the mile back home and ended our work out with 6 miles for the day.  Those six miles were ran in 51:XX.  Not to bad I say.

The race we are training for is Run for Love on August 4.  It's a night race, so doing most of our training runs during the evening is really helping me gauge how I will feel at the race.  I do like evening races but I'm better in the morning.

I'm planning on running 4 miles this evening after work and then taking tomorrow off and running somewhere between 8 or 10 miles on Saturday. 

I hope everyone has a marvelous Thursday.

Angela :)

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