Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thoughts I've Never Thought I'd Have

The hubs and I were talking last night while I was doing the warmup to one of the Insanity workouts.  We got to talking about Boston and destination marathons.  He innocently suggested that making Boston a destination marathon.  I explained to him that you had to qualify for Boston and it wasn't a race that I could just signup for on the sly.  He then said that if I ever qualified, then we would go to Boston so I could run the marathon and also see a state that both of us had never seen.

So now I have thoughts of trying to qualify for Boston.  I'm not going to attempt it next year, since I'm doing my first marathon next year, with a friend who has suggested trying to beat 4 hours.  I have a feeling I can, possibly, if I train smart and not become injured, beat 4 hours in the marathon.  But I'm thinking of making 2014 the year I try to qualify for Boston so the hubs and I can go. 

On another note, I'm coming back from a hip injury.  I really don't know what exactly happened but I  had a really bad pain shot through my leg on a 3 mile run about 3 weeks ago.  I took the rest of that week off and started Insanity to help stretch out my hips.  Ever since then I've kept an eye on my pain level in my hip and this week is the first week I've ran pain free.  I'm also on week 3 of Insanity and I'm starting to see my abs come back in and my running is becoming stronger. 

Also on April 28, I'll be running in my first 8 mile race.  It at my local zoo, which is exciting because I've always wanted to go over there and run.  My mom will be running it also.  It's suppose to be a trail run but trails in my area are pretty easy to navigate so I won't be purchasing trail shoes for this run.  I'm also planning on wearing my black running skirt and a cute colorful top that I have. 

I hope everyone is doing well.

Angela :)

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