Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lunch Time 5 Miler

Whatever problems I was having with my right hip are almost gone.  That means I've back to running at the pace that I'm comfortable with (8:00ish) and I'm able to go further and longer.  It also means I'm back to running on my lunch break.  Well that and it's spring time.  It's hot but not unbearable just yet.

Yesterday I had 5 miles on tap but because I didn't get up in time to go running before work (must work on this) and didn't bring my stuff to go on my lunch break, I decided I would go in the evening.  Well family time got in the way and I ended up pushing my run back until today.  I still did Insanity.  I'm on week 5, which is the recovery week before the hell of month 2 begins.  I've only made it through one week of month 2 before calling it quits so I'm hoping to get through the first month and JUST DIG DEEPER!!!!!

I decided to go on my lunch break but when 12 rolled around and the weather didn't seem to want to heat up past 60, I decided to take a chance and hope I didn't freeze to death in my shorts and tank top.  It was the windiest five miles I've ran in a long time but I was able to pull out a 41:19 5 mile run, which means the pace was around 8:15.  I don't think I ever saw a 9:00 minute pace but it got close when I felt like I was standing still in the wind.

Speaking of Insanity.  This is suppose to be a recovery week, but I'm more sore again after last night's workout.  His recovery week is really all about control of your core muscles.  So you hold posses longer, you do the same exercise a little bit longer, you control your speed to work your muscles but at the same time take it a little easier so you can recover from the first 4 weeks before moving into the last 4 weeks.  I'm a dead woman next Monday.

Angela :)

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