Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I thought this was Recovery Week

So I've made it to week 5 of Insanity, also known as Recovery Week.  I'm not sure if Shawn T. understands what recovery is suppose to be, but I'm in some serious pain.  My arms and shoulders have never hurt this good.  I'm really happy to have made it this far though and the pain that was in my hip has seem to disappeared so I'm going to stick with Insanity.  I realized I've only really made it through two days of Month 2 before I gave up, so I'm determined to make it through the whole month this go around.

Plus it's bathing suit season and I want to look hot in my new Victoria Secret bathing suit. 

This evening I'm planning on running 4 miles and then doing Insanity.  I'm really enjoying my running at the moment.  I think before the half marathon back in March I was starting to get burned out on running.  Taking some time off and finding exercise again has made me realize how much I really love it. 

Angela :)

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