Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Five and Jingle Bell Jog 10k Race Goals

Tomorrow is the Jingle Bell Jog and I've done this race every year since Monkey was 9 months old, she's three (almost 4).  This is my all-time favorite race, made even better because my mom also runs it.  She's moved up from the 5k to the 10k and race that distance for the first time last year and did amazing.  I cheered her in like a mad woman.  I love that lady!!!!!

So I don't really have any goals since I haven't been racing for speed lately.  I know without a doubt I can probably do the same time I did last year but I'm semi-hoping to come in around the 50 minute mark.  But I do have a wonderful outfit planned for this race this year. All I have to do is go get the socks I want and I'll be ready.  I'm going to have my mom take pictures, so I'll make sure to post them when I get them off of my phone.

On to the Friday Fives:

1.  Last night I colored my hair.  I usually stick with brown but this time I went with dark brown and it looks almost black.  I love it.  The hubs, I don't think he likes it as much as I do but he did tell me it looks good. 

2.  Bug has her end of the year soccer party tomorrow.  The coach we love so much has a lot of brothers and they also do sports (basketball, football, soccer, etc.) so we will be having the Lady Warriors (girl's soccer) and the football teams out at one party.  It's going to be huge and they are planning an Hawaiian themed party.  I'm looking forward to it.

3.  Along with the Jingle Bell Jog first thing in the morning and the soccer party at noon, the SEC Championship game is tomorrow at 4.  I'm hoping to get home in time to watch the beginning of the second quarter.  It's the LSU Tigers (SEC West) vs. UGA (SEC East).  I'm pulling for the West because Auburn plays on the west.  Go Tigers!!!!!

4.  I'm blown away that it's the last month of 2011.  Where has this year gone?????  I'm also blown away that my marathon is in 4 months and I'm no where near ready.  Ughhh, I'm starting to get sick thinking about it.

5.  Have you ever felt like you get blamed for things, even though you really had nothing to do with it???  I'm feeling that way this week.  Not a fun feeling.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Angela :)

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