Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Back to it

So yesterday I had to get back into the swing of things.  That meant work for me, school for the kids and the norm for hubs.  He didn't get but Thursday and Friday off last week.  This also meant getting back into running.  I had, not intentionally, taken the week off from running last week.  I ran once, on Wednesday for three miles.  It was the worse three miles of my life.  I had done Insanity Monday and Tuesday to make up for not getting a run in and so my whole body was hating me Wednesday morning.  Tough.

So yesterday after work I took myself down to the gym and squeezed in three miles on the treadmill.  I made myself start at an 8:34 pace then upped the pace to 8:00 for a mile, then dropped the pace back down to 8:34 for a quarter of the second mile and upped the pace over the next three quarters of the last mile until I was back at 8:00.  Overall it was a really good run and one that I'm glad I pushed myself on.

This morning I got up and headed back to the gym (I hate running in cold weather) for a four mile run on the treadmill.  My favorite treadmill was taken so I had to opt for one that scrolled through all that was going on on the machine instead of just leaving the time and miles up for me to see.  I really dislike that treadmill.  But since I had no choice, I jumped on and ran 4 miles in 35:23.  I really wanted to take the run easy and just let my legs do the work.  It felt great. 

I'm not exactly following my training schedule perfectly this week because I took last week off, I'm making sure not to jump back in feet first and I've got a 10k race this weekend.  One that I do every year and LOVE. 

I'll have my goals up for this race on Thursday. 

Angela :)

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