Thursday, November 17, 2011

Marathon Training Continues

After last week's terrible performance of only 7 miles ran all week, I decided to make sure I got in every single mile this week.  No excuses, no I'll do it later, no nothing.  Get up, get the miles in and follow the training plan.

Monday didn't start off to well and I found myself crawling out of bed at 6:50 with no time to get in a 5 mile run before work.  No problem, I'll go on my lunch break.  Houston, we have a problem.  The beginning of this week was spent spending all day long at the office with no real lunch break and eating at my desk.  That meant that Monday, my lunch time run was going to have to be cancelled or ran on the treadmill after work.  I walked in the back door at home around 6 and quickly told the hubs that I was going for a run.  I would run Tuesday's workout then and run Monday's work out on Tuesday.  I laced up and out the door I went. 

I came to the realization that I enjoy running at 6 a.m. versus 6 p.m. because at least at 6 a.m. the sun will be rising sun and at night, well it's just going to get darker.  I ran fast and hard to get the miles done and afterwards all the stress from the day just sweated away.  It was great.

Tuesday I made myself get up and get outside to run those 5 miles that were suppose to be ran Monday.  It was chilly but I really enjoyed the run and was able to run it in 43 minutes (I believe). 

Wednesday morning I was up before the alarm went off because I went to bed Tuesday night at 9 and even though my legs were feeling a little sore from Monday's hard run and Tuesday's 5 miler, I still ran 4 miles in 33 minutes.  I was really pleased with my performance and am coming quickly to the realization that I enjoy the 8:30 range.  I'm also finding that as my runs go on, I'm getting faster in the later miles.

This morning I didn't exactly want to get up but with already having 12 miles under my shoes for the first three days of the week, I knew I would spend all day beating myself up if I didn't get out and run those 3 miles the training schedule called for.  So I dragged myself up and out of bed and just ran. I knew it wasn't going to be my faster 3 miler but I went into the run thinking that if I could manage a decent pace I would be happy.  Wouldn't you know it my slowest mile was the first one at 8:41 and my fastest mile was the 3rd being at 8:14.  I was really pleased with myself.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's rest day.  I usually top out at 15 miles during the week, not already running 15 with 12 more miles to go on Saturday.  I'm a little nervous about this miles on Saturday.  I haven't ran double digits in a long time and I'm trying to come up with a fun route to run that will keep me from becoming bored. 

Angela :)

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