Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Review and Marathon Training

I'm sorry I've been MIA lately from the blog.  This month has been crazy in that I had to attend a couple's bridal shower on Oct. 1, then the hubs went to a blachelor part on Oct.8, this past weekend we attended not one but two weddings, one for our friend's on Saturday and the hub's dad's on Sunday, next weekend my ex-stepdad is getting remarried and then the following weekend Bug's soccer team is going to a haunted house.  So as you can see, I've been going, going, going.

I didn't get to run this past weekend.  I felt bad about it but considering all that we had going on Saturday, I just didn't have the time to get a run in.  But I did managed to get in 10 miles last week and in those 10 miles, I somehow managed to kick butt.  On Monday I ran 3 miles in 23:27, my 5k PR is 23:32.  Wednesday I was joking with the hubs that I was going to run 4 miles in 30 minutes, I did it in 32:32.  Two minutes off.  Thursday, I ran 3 miles in about 24 minutes.  I'm hoping to dominate a 5k this weekend, that I decided to run after the 3 miles on Monday. 

This week kicks off my marathon training for the March 3 Snicker's Marathon.  I should have gotten up and went for a run this morning but I decided to move it back to after work.  But upon realization at 6:50 this morning, when I had no time for a run, I had to be at Bug's soccer game, I switched gears and decided to run my 3 miles on my lunch break.  Here's how the rest of my week is going to be shaping up to look like:

Monday - 3 miles
Tuesday - 4 miles/Insanity
Wednesday - 4 miles/Insanity Abs
Thursday - 3 miles/Spin class
Friday - Insanity
Saturday - 6 miles (5k race, goals for race will come on Thursday).

I told the hubs that I really, really, really needed his help in kicking my butt out of bed in the mornings to help me train for this race, I might be able to get through a 15k or even a half with little training, but there was no way I was going to go into this Marathon with no training and I have exactly 20 weeks to train for this race.  It's becoming real, very real and fast.

I had some tragic news this weekend in that I lost my crackberry.  I have no clue where it is, the hubs and I searched everywhere and it is determined that it fell out of my lap when I had to stop on the side of the road coming back from the first wedding of the weekend and is now in a ditch somewhere between my house and Blakely. It's really all good because I was able to get a new phone.  An LG Enlighten.  It's not a droid but it's got android capabilities.  I was told that I didn't need to go back to the crackberry's and instead go with this phone because it is a good starter phone for when I do go to Droid's eventually.  I'm excited for it to get here.  I'm having to use the hub's Envy 3 until my new phone comes in tomorrow.  I don't like his phone.  I miss my smartphone.  I miss getting on FB without having to go sit in front of the computer, I miss reading my emails from where ever I'm at, I miss being able to text my friends.  UGHH, I'm never drinking wine again.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend.  I'm off to read what everyone was up to and I'll be back later with how my first training run of this marathon training went.

Angela :)

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