Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday Ramblings

Man I can't believe it's Thursday already.  This morning when I was dropping Monkey off at daycare and signing her in, I saw where everyone signed in on Monday, even though we all had the day off.  It's crazy what starting the week off on a Tuesday does to you.

This cold I have is in for the long haul, I believe.  I've started taking my Emergen-C again and have even started taking a different cold medicine.  I'm hoping it will be gone by next Monday, when I add running back into my schedule.  I'm super excited to feel the pavement beneath my feet again.  Don't worry, I'm starting off slow, but I know, without a doubt, I'm going to go way to fast.

Yesterday I received this.  I ordered the flavor combo pack and I have the fruit punch in the bottle.  I was going to use it during last night's workout but something came up (I'll get to it in a bit) and it made working out difficult, so I put it in the fridge and used it this morning. 

I'm not to keen on sports drinks.  They leave my mouth feeling really dry and nasty tasting.  But this didn't.  It didn't taste like a sports drink and after leaving it in the fridge all night, it was really tasty and tasted amazing after sweating like crazy for 41 minutes.  I know I'll definitely be using it during marathon training.

So I mentioned previously that I had something come up that made me push my workout from yesterday to this morning.  The other secretary that I work with decided to refinance her car through Wells Fargo.  She was pumped when they told her they would send someone to her house to notarize the paperwork.  Well she gets a call a little while later saying they didn't have anyone in the area to notarize and that she would have to drive 22 miles away to have the papers notarized.  She then came to talk to me and I said, "Well I'll notarize the papers for you."  After talking to the Wells Fargo people, I'm now a notary for them.  I get paid $40 for any and all notary's I perform and if I have to travel, then I'll get paid more.  So for driving down the road, spending 30 minutes helping them go through all the paperwork, signing and notarizing their signatures, faxing the paperwork back to them, I'll get a check in the mail for $40.  Heck ya.  I'm super excited about this and hope that I'll get more than this one chance.  It was a lot of fun.

Other good news, my car will be paid off tomorrow.  My dad is going to pay what is left and then I'll just repay him in return.  I"m super pumped and excited about this.  It seems like its been forever since I've had this car payment and I'm thrilled to be rid of it.  Now we can concentrate on getting the hub's Dell card paid off and then we are debt free.  I'm doing the happy dance.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday.

Angela :)

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