Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pity party for one

I have a sore throat, my head is pounding and I really dislike when the weather changes from summer to fall or winter to spring.  It just creates sickness, especially in my household.  This time around though, fall just all of a sudden appeared with no warning.  We went to bed one night and it was 90 and when we woke up it was hovering somewhere around 60.  Crazy. 

I also did something to my knee last night.  Every time I try to go down onto my knees or put any pressure on it, it starts to protest.  I was going to sit down on the couch and when I did I put my left knee under me and all of a sudden I started to feel a pain going through my knee and then it gets caught up in the blanket that is on the couch and I can't get my leg out from under me fast enough.  Afterwards I go to do Insanity and it's causing me all kinds of pain.  Crazy, I tell ya.

I just want to crawl back under my blankets and go back to sleep.  I would/could sleep this whole day away and not feel bad about it at all.  The hubs is on vacation and I would so love to be home with him.  I'm jealous but because I took my vacation back in May, I'm not going to use the rest of my vacation days until November when we travel to his mom's house for Thanksgiving.  Come on November.

I know this post sucks, but I'm feeling blah and this is all I got.  I'm fixing to head over to U-Save-It to get some Emergen C to hopefully get this sore throat kicked in the butt and to pickup some more cold medicine.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Angela :)

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