Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Long Weekend Review

This long 3-day weekend flew right on by, just like they always do.  It was great and I had a blast hanging with my family and friends, watching college football, eating great food and drinking.  I had way too much fun, that's for sure.

Since I never made it to the store to make sure our fridge and freezer was stock piled full of food for the hub who is on vacation this week, I went yesterday.  Here is how my freezer looks right now:

Yes it is full of frozen pizzas and other frozen goodies to get the hubs through lunch time until I get home.  I ended up buying 8 frozen party pizza (I had two coupons that were buy 4 get a dollar off) with the pizzas only costing $1.25 a piece I ended up getting 8 of them for $8 (that's $1 a pizza).  I also got four boxes of the new party pizza stuffers.  They were $3.78 and I had a $1 off coupon.  So I ended up getting four boxes for $11.12.  I ended up going to Walmart yesterday and actually did better there than I do using Winn-Dixie or Publix.  I think I'm going to start using Walmart from now on.  I also made sure to write down the prices of each item, calculated how much before coupons and how much after coupons and without adding in the taxes, I was spot on.  How exciting. 

Saturday I found a new trail that was put in sometime without my knowing.  Since I'm still on my break from running, I pulled my bike out of the garage and took it for a spin down the trail.  From my house to the trail, riding the trail and then heading home, the ride ended up being 3.30 miles.  For a short run, this new trail will work out perfectly.

As you can tell, it's already being put to good use.  I'm so glad.

Monday, after the shopping trip, I ended up being very lazy.  The hubs and I did do Day 7 of Insanity and then I ended up having to take something for this sore throat I have going on.  I'm guessing I need to get back on the Emergen C.  I hate sore throats.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday.  It's chilly in my neck of the woods, I hope your having a cold front moving through where you are also.

Angela :)

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