Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday, Friday

I'm trying to take the negative energy that is surrounding certain people at my office and just raining smiles, laughter, brightness and as much positive energy down on them as I can.  It's hard work but I'm determined not to be reduced to tears today.  I've cried twice in a week's span at random, very mean, comments that have been thrown in my direction and for the life of me, I have no clue where they are coming from.  I'm trying, trying like crazy, to kill them with happiness.

Moving on.  Yesterday after my spin class, I went to my friend's house to pickup Cardio Recovery.  When we burned the disks, our copy only burned about 20 minutes of it and then turned off completely.  The disk we burned it from, I know who actually follows the copy right rules and all, had a scratch on that particular part of the disk.  I said all that to say, my friend went and had the whole disk burned as separate individual disk and all I needed was Cardio Recovery.  I told her I would be by her mom's house to pickup the disk, reburn it and then bring it to her in the morning.

Well once I got to her mom's house, no one was home.  I called my friend to see what was up and she would never answer her phone.  So I pulled out of the driveway and parked on the side of the yard to give her about 10 minutes when her mom and dad pull-up.  I explained why I was sitting outside their house and what was going on.  Come to find out, my friend's oldest had football practice and she forget to tell me but luckily her parents like me enough to let me come in and get the disk.  I rush home hoping that my friend hadn't left football practice and I could quickly reburn the CD and get it back to her before she left.  We were lucky and she left the town with her CD.

So by the time I got home, got the hubs and I dinner thrown together, the girls had sandwiches and chips, it was creeping up on 8, so I decided I would get up in the morning and get the workout done.

Let me tell you, if it says Cardio Recovery, it's still not easy.  I was sweating buckets and had to come out of some of the stretches to let everything quit shaking and then get back into it.  It seemed like it was the longest 33 minutes of my life.  Tonight the hubs and I are doing Pure Cardio, so we will be back on track with the workouts.  I want to follow the plan like it's my lifeline.  I'll do my best.

As you can see I'm not doing a Random Friday Facts or Friday Five, I'm going on how I feel today, so this might get winded.

Last night I watched college football just because it was on.  Mississippi State represented the SEC well and Kentucky acted like kittens instead of CATS!!!!  They had a terrible showing and only ended up winning 14 to 3.  How pathetic.  Let's hope Auburn does AMAZINGLY WELL tomorrow.  I'm nervous but excited for them at the same time.  WAR EAGLE!!!!

Considering I have no long run tomorrow, Saturday morning is going to feel weird.  I also get up around 7 to go for a run, so I guess I'll get up around 7 for some Cardio Circuit and start cleaning the house for company.  We will be having some friends over to watch football games and will be snacking on hotdogs, chips and dip, saucy beans, etc.  Fun day of food and football.  I love it.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend.  I know I will.

Angela :)

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