Friday, September 16, 2011

It's Friday

Today I got up early to get Day 17 of Insanity done.  I would have slept in but I have a lot going on after work so I figured, if I wanted to get my workout done, 6 a.m. was the best time for me.  Today's schedule called for Cardio Power and Resistance.  I'm not going to lie, it's tough, it pushes you physically and mentally but at the end, when I look in the mirror, I'm totally loving what I see.  I'm starting to get a six-pack and I haven't seen my stomach look like this is years, years I tell ya. 

This morning when I logged onto Facebook, I noticed that a friend of mine had posted some pictures from back in the day.  I was tagged in a couple of them and I was truly horrified at what I saw.  I can honestly say I look 20x better now, in my 30's, than I did back in my early 20's.  Asking the friend to take the pictures down will be like me talking to a cat, it's just not going to happen, so I'm going to use those pictures as motivation to keep on moving and working extra hard to get my body where I want it.

Wednesday I ran 3 miles.  It was tough and I felt like puking but I got the run done.  I ran those 3 miles in 26:26.  Yesterday I had 2 miles on tap and after my spin class, I jumped on the treadmill to get the miles done.  I managed to squeak out the 2 miles in 16:58.  That's a an 8:28 pace.  It was fast, I was feeling it but I loved it.  By the time I hit stop on the mill I was running at a 7:06 pace.  I think I'm going to use Thursday's as my speed days.  Yesterday while I was doing Cardio Recovery, the hubs told me that he was going to put a time limit on my working out.  I gave him a look that said "Eat Sh*t!"  His argument was that I had been working out for over an hour already.  He knew that when I restarted this program, that I was going to put everything I had into it and even when I started back running, I wasn't going to stop Insanity.  I was going to make everything work and really Thursdays are my only really busy days. 

Tomorrow I have 4 miles on tap and Day 18 of Insanity.  I plan on getting up at 7:00 a.m. to get the run in and then going straight into Insanity, no breaks in between.  I have to be finish by 9:45 because Bug has a soccer game at 10:30. 

Do you or your SO (significant other) think you workout to much?

Angela :)

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