Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Five

I've been a bad, bad blogger as of late.  This week has just gone down hill in the exercise department.  I somehow talked myself out of two runs and one day of Insanity.  I'm really disappointed in myself and plan on making sure I stick to schedule next week.  I wish I could blame it on the weather, but in all honesty, it seems like summer around these parts, well that is until tomorrow when the high is suppose to be somewhere around 78 and the lows around 48.  Fall weather, South Georgia welcomes you.

On to the Friday Fives:

1.  Bug doesn't have a soccer game tomorrow, so I'm going to take advantage of a later start to my run and hopefully get all of my grocery shopping done before AU takes the field at 2:30.

2.  I also plan on adding Cardio Abs to tomorrow's Insanity, even though its not on the schedule.  I just really need to work my abs and that exercise program does a great job at it.

3.  We have a party for a great friend to go to tomorrow night.  I'm in charge of the booty music and I have managed to come up with a great list of some really fun dance songs.  Now all I have to do is get them on a CD.  Hopefully the hubs will let me this afternoon before he takes over the computer.

4.  I have six miles on tap for tomorrow.  I'm hoping that they go as well as last Saturday's six mile run went.  With the cooler temps, I'm seeing this as a possibility.

5.  This week in the exercise department I managed to run 7 miles, taught two spin classes and a couple of Insanity exercises.  I'm hoping to do a lot better next week.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Angela :)

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