Monday, September 12, 2011

And the Running Begins

My two week time off from running has come to a close.  This morning I got up at 6 and got all my gear ready for a 2-mile run.  I knew that these 2 miles was not going to be easy but I also knew how excited I was to get back out on the road and to run 2 miles.  My legs and feet wanted to go much faster than I would let them.  At some points I would see an 8:2X pace and make myself slow down.  I ended up running the 2 miles in 17:33 for an 8:55 pace. 

At times those 2 miles were hard but at other times it felt easy.  I guess since I didn't take a complete break from exercising, my body knew how to handle it.  I'm glad because the rest of my week looks like this:

Monday - 2 miles/Insanity Day 13
Tuesday - 2 miles/Insanity Day 14
Wednesday - 3 miles/Insanity Day 15
Thursday - 2 miles/Spin class/Insanity Day 16
Friday - Insanity Day 17
Saturday - 4 miles/Insanity Day 18
Sunday - Rest

I'm going to try again to incorporate running 4 days in a row.  I know back when I tried it before starting the 15.5k training, I had already been running, so I figured with taking the time off and adding in the miles very slowly, it should be no problem.  I'll have my thoughts on it next Monday.

My weekend was very uneventful.  Both the Georgia and AU games were amazing and down to the wire and I'm happy to say that my Tigers pulled out the big W but I just don't know how much longer they can keep on pulling them out. 

Angela :)


  1. very impressed you ar edoing insanity daily! i tried and just thought it was too darn much for me, what an awesome workout.

    welcome back to running!

  2. Amanda, I love the insanity workouts. My husband and I started over on the first month and I feel really lost if I don't do a day of it. It is hard but I just love the way I feel afterwards and honestly, I'm loving the results I'm seeing.