Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Review

Why do the weekends fly by?  This weekend was no different than any others but I feel as though I didn't get a whole lot of down time.  I seemed to have been on the go from the minute my feet hit the floor until I laid down to go to sleep.  It was a jammed packed weekend that's for sure.

Like I mentioned in the previous blog, I ran a race that really left me feeling disappointed.  I'll avenge this race next year, that's for sure.

Then after the race, I rushed home to get some breakfast, jump into the shower and make it to my dad's church by 11.  I was 10 minutes late, or so I thought, only to find out the service didn't start until 11:30.  But the look on my dad's face was one that warmed my heart and even though I was so tired, really made me glad I decided to come to his church (he's a Seventh Day Adventist.)  Since Bug had stayed the night with a friend, I just left her where she was, so it was just Monkey and I at church with my dad.  We even stayed for their homecoming lunch (they had a vegetarian style Italian, it was alright). 

On the way home, my friend called to tell me that the girls' flower girls dresses were in and that she wanted to bring them over so they could try them on.  Now I had plans to get in the pool and just relax and it was already 2:30 at this time.  So they came over, the girls' tried their dresses on and then Monkey went down for a nap while Bug and I hung out in the pool for a couple of hours.  We were really only out there for an hour and half.  The rest of the evening was spent watching some t.v. and the hubs and I did some talking.  It was one of this really nice evenings. 

Sunday, the day I get to sleep in until 8, Monkey was in my room at 7:30.  Why????  So she climbed up in bed with me until 8 and then we got Bug ready for church.  Now I have been going to church lately  but since I didn't do my grocery shopping Saturday like I usually do and we had plans for the afternoon, I decided to skip church and go grocery shopping.  I ended up saving $58 and got $.10 off my next gas purchase at the Shell.  Love me some Winn-dixie fuel perks.  Once home I quickly through lunch together and then the girls and I went outside and hung out in the pool.  I lounged on a float while the girls played.  After an hour Monkey went in to take a nap and Bug went to relax and I just hung out by myself in the pool.  Finally the hubs came and got me.  We had to be at my sister's house by 4 and it was already 2 and she lives 45 minutes from me. 

We had a birthday celebration for my niece and nephew who turned 2 and 4 respectfully.  It was a lot of fun but by 6:30 we were all tired and ready to go.  Back home I ended up falling asleep on the couch, so of course by the time I actually went back to the bedroom to go to sleep I couldn't so the hubs and I ended up watching about an hour of the 2010 Iron Bowl (where Auburn came back from a 24-0 defeat to beat Alabama 28-27). 

Now I'm hoping the week flies by because 1.  College football starts Saturday and 2.  I get a three-day weekend.  Yeah.

Angela :)

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