Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just Breath

No I'm not stressed or anxious about anything, well I'm a little anxious but it's nothing to bad.  I'm writing about this because just this past weekend I came across some news about something that has been going on with me for a while now. 

You know when you take a deep breath.  Well I almost always walk around feeling like I need to take a deep breath but I can't so I start to panic and stress out and it usually takes that much longer for me to catch that breath.  When I finally do, I always get it with a yawn so I know I look like I get no sleep because I'm always yawning, it's especially bad when I have to meet with clients and I'm yawning during the meeting.  It makes me look like I'm bored but I'm really not, I'm just trying not to stress over not catching that breath.

Anywho, I found out that my dad and Me-maw (his mom) both have the same problem.  My dad has never been to a doctor but my grandmother has gone to have it looked at.  I didn't get a chance to talk to her about it and I'm hoping to get a chance to this weekend.  I've done some research online about it and it seems like it's Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome.  I guess I really need to see a doctor about it but at the moment, we just don't have the money and I've lived this long with it, so why not go a little longer.  What's crazy is that it doesn't bother me much when I run.  I have a really good breathing pattern down while running.

Yesterday the hubs and I started over with Insanity.  I actually did more this week than last week, when I thought I was going to finish the program out by myself.  The hubs did really good also and even managed to beat me or tie with me on some of the exercises.  He also felt a lot better while doing the exercises and even though he took some small breaks, he kept right on pushing through.  I was so proud of him. 

I'm on day 2 of my no running break and at the moment I feel pretty good.  I have a feeling I'll feel great this week but next I'll probably start itching to get out the door.  I have my schedule already printed up and ready for use come September 12.  I'll start the first week out slowly, adding more and more miles until October 17 when I officially start marathon training.  I have a 20-week plan with a 26 mile training run through in.  It will be great to have that training run, so I'll know exactly what to expect during the race.  I need to stock up on salt tablets, gels, and some other essential items (mace anyone).

Angela :)

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