Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Three more days

And then I get a three day weekend.  I love me some three day weekends.  I think we should get a Friday/Monday off every single month, but since that doesn't happen, I get excited when they finally do.  I'm so looking forward to Friday at 5, I don't have to be at work again until Tuesday at 8:30, YEAH!!!!

Yesterday Bug had her before season starts soccer practice.  Our coach, the one that we will follow until he says, "Stop following me" has had the girls out practicing since the beginning of August and soccer doesn't officially start until next Tuesday.  Bug loves playing soccer, so I'm happy that he did this, she is good but is still in the awkward stage. 

With soccer practice at 6 and the hubs having something to do with WOW at 8, we didn't get a chance to workout together.  He dropped the girls off with me and went home to work out and then I brought the girls home, got dinner thrown together, and then I worked out.  I didn't get to eat dinner until 8:30, it sucked but I loved getting my sweat on.

I don't need to run mile after mile to get in a good sweat session, just do 41 minutes of cardio circuit on Insanity and you'll also be sweating buckets.  Ignore my flabby bottom part of my belly, that's the part I'm working on.

I'm still feeling pretty good about my decision to take these two weeks off from running but I know that I'll soon get the itch to get a run in.  I'm hoping not to kill family members when this day comes.  Running is my stress reliever so I'm amazed I've made it to Wednesday without going overboard. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday.  I know I will, it's pay day.

Angela :)

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