Monday, August 22, 2011

Schedule for the week

Two posts in one day, you guys should feel loved.

Today I had lunch in the park:

and even though it was already blazing hot outside, I still loved every minute of it.  I forgot my lunch at home while I was rushing to get the girls out and to their respected schools, so I stopped at Subway and picked up these chips to try.

They were really good.  I loved them.  I'm definitely going to be getting these more often when I go to Subway.

While I was eating lunch, my mom called and asked where I was because she was on her way to see me.  I don't get to see my mom as much as I use to because she moved about 45-minutes away from me and even though that time seems like a short drive, I have to plan my days accordingly when I go to see her because we are out there all day.  I love my mom's house though, so I try to make it over as much as I can.

I didn't get up and exercise this morning because of all the yard work/putting up a swimming pool work we did.  I was tired and decided to move the run to the afternoon even before i went to bed last night.

My schedule for this week looks like this:

Monday - 3 miles/Day 13 of Insanity - Fit Test
Tuesday - Abs Class/Day 14 of Insanity
Wednesday - 3 miles/Day 15 of Insanity
Thursday - 3 miles/abs class/spin class/Day 16 of Insanity
Friday - Day 17 of Insanity
Saturday - 15.5k race/Day 18 of Insanity

In all truthfulness I'm really ready for this race to come and go.  Ever since I made the decision to take two weeks away from running, all I can think about is that time.  I'm not going to stop exercising, I'm just going to do something else.  Ever since that Jingle Bell Jog back in 2008, I've ran countless 5ks, two 10ks, three half marathons, a 12k and this weekend's 15.5k race.  I'm feeling the burning out on running.  I know that it's just a phase I'm going through but with the marathon coming up in March (which is 6-months away on September 3, scary) I want to go into the 20-week training plan with a fresh mind, well rested body, and the desire to run.  I want to give my body some rest, which is so rightfully deserves and I'm hoping that when I do start back into running on September 12, I'll have a renewed love for running.  I also told my mom I would run a 5k with her on September 24.  It's a trail run around a plantation. 

So I'll get the miles done for this week and then take that well deserved break.  I'm breaking out my bike for a lot of early morning rides and my bathing suit in the evenings for a lot of family time in our new (used but new to us) pool. 

I'll be back tomorrow with any news of weight loss or changes since we started Insanity three weeks ago.

Angela :)

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