Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Powerful Actions

This morning in the car on the way to school, Bug was listening to a praise CD that her Nana gave her while the girls were there visiting for the summer.  It has songs on there that I sang during my youth days in the youth group at church, so I was singing away also.  But at one point I looked over and Bug had her eyes closed and she was giving it everything she had during the song and my eyes got that prickly feeling when tears are getting close.  It was a moment I'll never forget and one that I want to rekindle every morning on the way to school.  I honestly didn't get peeved once on the way to work, even when the truck in front of me decided to slam on brakes because a broke down car on the side of the road did look semi-like a cop car parked checking for speeders.

It's morning like these, the ones that were semi-hectic at home because I couldn't remember where the Ipod was and because I didn't get up for my morning run, means I'm ditching abs class to get the three miles in, all worth it.  Watching her close her eyes, lift her voice and sing to Jesus made me tingle all over and realize that it took a 9-year old to bring me back to Jesus. 

Thank you Bug, I'm coming back to the Heart of Worship and it took opening your heart to Jesus to make me realize I needed to do it also.  Without you, I probably wouldn't have gone back.  I'm still a long ways from where I need to be, but I know I'm on the right road to get me there.  I'll have days where I'll slip and fall but I know that He will pick me back up and get me going in the right direction again.

Sappy I know, brings tears to your eyes, I'm sorry but I felt I needed to get this out this morning.  Thanks for listening.

Angela :)

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