Friday, August 26, 2011

Random Friday Facts

In lieu of doing a Friday Five, I've decided to follow Katie's lead and do a Random Friday Facts.  Here goes nothing:

1.  I hate tomatoes but I love tomato sauce and soups.  Something about the textures of whole tomatoes really throws me a for a loop.

2. I think this is the best pre-race meals every.  I always eat terrible before most races.  Tonight we are having pizza.  It's all good.

3.  Gas in my area costs $3.48 a gallon.  Yesterday I put $6 worth of gas in my car just so I could get to the Y teach a spin class and make it to work this morning.  It wasn't a whole lot of gas.

4.  I'm pumped up that college football starts next Saturday.  I love me some football.  It's going to a fun day of watching the SEC teams dominate.  Well all except LSU, I'm not a big LSU fan.

5.  After reading Run Eat Repeat's blog this week, I have found that peanut butter on a waffle is like heaven in my mouth.  I've had it for four days now and don't plan on stopping.  It will be my breakfast in the morning before the 15.5k.

6.  Bug is spending the night with a friend tonight, so Monkey and I will be cleaning the hamster's cage out.  Exciting times in Georgia tonight for sure.

7.  The only person in my family that knows I have a blog is my mom and she use to read it but I don't think she does anymore.  At least she doesn't tell me about it.  I kinda like people not knowing I have one.

8.  I also have a twitter account, have had it for years but rarely use it.  I've gotten some twitter followers of people's blogs I read, so I'm trying to do better about using twitter.  I still only use it once or twice a month.

9.  I could sit in a bathtub full of Zaxby's ranch sauce, if given the chance.  This stuff is amazing.

10.  I have never been to a Whole Foods store.  We don't have one where I live.  We also don't have an Olive Garden, TGIF's, Quizno's or Scholtzsky's Deli.  If I want to eat at any of these restaurants, I would have to drive any where from 3 to 5 hours to eat at one.  I've also never eaten at a food truck, we don't have those where I live either.  I think I should start one up (something to think about).

I'll leave you with these ten.  Have a wonderful Friday.

Angela :)

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