Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hello Calves and Quads

I think I forget you even existed until Tuesday morning when I literally stumbled out of bed because you guys were so stiff, sore and tight.  Thanks Shawn T. of Insanity for waking those muscles up (insert eye roll here).

I'm in a lot of pain right now but I know that it is only temporary until my legs get use to the exercise.  I also know that it means that I'm waking those muscles up again.  The hubs and I did Day Two of the Insanity program yesterday and let me tell you, it is HARD!!!!!  When I decided to start this program, my BFF that I got the DVDs from kept telling me that "It's going to be easy for you, since you work out all the time."  That kept hitting a nerve for me.  Yes, I run a lot but that doesn't mean that when I add something new to my routine, I won't feel the new thing at all.  It's using different muscles people, so I actually do have a few bad days after starting a new thing.  This Insanity business is really bringing me back to reality and showing me that I actually need to add new stuff to my routine.  My hip, is no longer an issue because Shawn T. actually stretches out the hip flexors and shows you how to do different stretches that incorporate the hip muscles.  I'm actually in love with the stretching part and only tolerate everything else.

Yesterday we had did 41 minutes of the workout.  I was feeling pretty good and really getting into it when he dropped the Level 1 drills on us.  You go down into plank position, do four push-ups, run in place for a count of 8 in the plank position, get back up and put your hands in the air, then do it all over again.  By the time I got to the second round, I was laying face down on the floor thinking of just going to sleep.  It was hard.  Then he had us doing a move that's going to kill me.  You are in the plank position, pull your knees up to your underarm on one side, back into plank position, pull your knees into the opposite underarm, repeat.  After that you go into In and Outs.  It's a plank move where you pull your knees up to your chest then stretch them back out again.  Should be simple considering I take an abs class on Tuesday and Thursday but we don't do anything like that.

I'm tempted to jump on the scale to see where my weight is but I'm trying, really really hard not to so when I do get on it August 22, I'll like my results.  Here's to hoping I'll lose something.

The hubs is doing pretty good.  He can't do it all and he struggles but I'm more proud of him for even attempting it.  As we are working out, I try to give him encouragement and when he stops to take a break/grab water, I tell him how proud I am of him for doing it and that it doesn't matter not one bit that he has to stop, that he is giving it all he has and soon it will become very easy for him.  He's very out of shape and I think struggling a little with having to stop, but he's proud of himself for doing it also.

This morning I had 6-miles on my schedule.  I cringed thinking about getting up and going for a run but when the alarm went off at 6, I got up, got dressed and was out the door by 6:10 a.m.  It was dark, it was cool and I remembered, yet again, how much I enjoy running in the mornings.  I didn't go fast, I didn't run for speed, I just ran to get the miles in and to loosen everything up.  My calves were protesting for about 2 miles and my quads were really tight but once they loosened up, I found myself running in the low 9 minute range and I wasn't upset nor did it surprise me.  I managed to run 6 miles in 55:59.  I wasn't upset at all with the time.  I was happy and very proud of myself for getting up and running when everything on me just plain hurt.  

Tomorrow's my biggest day of the week, 2 miles/abs class/spin class/Insanity.  Can I survive?  I guess Friday morning will tell.

Angela :)

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