Monday, July 25, 2011

The Weekend

Overall I had a pretty good weekend. 

Friday night the hubs decided and then informed me about an hour before he left that he was going to a friend's house.  I wasn't upset that he went, I just wanted to go to.  He said it was for guy's night but then I found out that the guy had his kids there.  What kind of guy night is that????  Anywho, I stayed up way to late waiting on him to get home and therefore making me push my Saturday morning run back to a later start than I wanted plan.

Saturday morning's run went terribly wrong after mile 4.  It was only 75 degrees out at 7 a.m. but it was also 97% humidity.  I don't know which is worse, running in that type of humidity or waiting until later in the day and running in higher temperatures.  They are both terrible but it's a coin toss for sure.  So anywho, I was suppose to run 10 miles but after running out of water at mile 6, I did my body a favor and just stopped at 7 miles.  I was semi-defeated but in my mind and heart, I knew I had done the right thing by stopping.  It just wouldn't have been smart to continue running in that type of humidity with no water.

Here's the splits:

Mile 1 - 9:06
Mile 2 - 9:06
Mile 3 - 9:19
Mile 4 - 9:45 - The beginning of the end, it only gets worse after this.
Mile 5 - 10:08 - The walking began in this mile.
Mile 6 - 11:47 - Ran out of water.
Mile 7 - 11:45
Total miles: 7
Total time: 1:11
Average pace: 10:08
Calories burned: 701

But all was not lost in the working out department.  The hubs and I decided to take the girls to his sister's house to swim in their pool.  I did a couple of laps while they played and even dared the hubs to race me in the pool, under water, from one side to the other without coming up for air.  I was doing so good and even knew I had him beat when all of a sudden, he grabbed my leg, I let go of the breath of air I was holding and went to the top to see him just coming up at the wall.  We laughed and I called him a cheater but overall we had a lot of fun.

Sunday I took the girls to church, then we came home to have whatever was in the fridge for lunch and then the girls and I spend a couple of hours outside playing.  I laid in the sun while the girls played in the kiddie pool. 

Overall a great weekend.

My training this week looks like this:

Monday - 45 minute spin class (I have to teach this class)
Tuesday - 3 mile run/abs class
Wednesday - 4 miles
Thursday - 3 miles/abs class/30 minute spin class
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 10 mile run (let's hope it goes perfectly)

Have a great Monday all.

Angela :)

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