Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Five

Thank goodness it's finally Friday.  I'm super excited because this week has just been emotionally TOUGH and that makes for one cranky Angela.  I've been semi-pleasant to be around but for the most part, I've just kept to myself and stayed out of everyone's way because I knew that if someone said the wrong thing to me, I would either end up sobbing or wanting to bite their head off.  Let's just say, Friday couldn't come quick enough.

On to the Friday five:

1.  This is me today.  I feel very pretty today, which in turns makes me very happy.  I love those days where your outfit clicks, your makeup clicks, and your hair looks semi-normal (mine is almost at the point of needing a haircut but I have to wait until August 5 (I go every two months like clockwork) to get it cut again).  I just wish the people around me would act like they were happy or pretty also.

2.  Yesterday I taught a 30-minute spin class.  I had a lot of fun and four ladies showed up.  Since I'm officially taking over the class from here on out, I've decided to try and make the 30 minutes really fun and want to keep the ladies coming.   I also went and ran on the new trail that was cut specifically for a 5k race on August 6.  My scheduled called for 2 miles, so that's what I ran.  The trail is really neat but there is a couple of places that need to be smoothed out and made easier to run on, especially for a 5k race.

3.  One of my best friend's had a baby Tuesday.  I'm super excited to see the baby.  We are hoping to go this weekend but I think for saving some money and letting them get adjusted to life at home, we are going to try to go next weekend.  It will be easier, I believe.

4.  I have 10 miles on tap for tomorrow.  My plan is to run to the first 5k trail in my town and then wind my way around the small city to the new 5k trail.  Hopefully between running the two trails, I'll be able to manage 10 miles without much out and backs.  It seems lately, that I've gotten stuck in running however many miles needed one way and then just turning around and heading home getting in the necessary miles.  I'm hoping that tomorrow's run around my small city will help make the run a little more enjoyable. 

5.  Speaking of those 10 miles, even though I plan on starting the run sometime around 6:30ish and it's only suppose to be 75 degrees outside, with the 97% humidity, I'm going to be running through soup.  I just hope I don't let the humidity bring me down.  I'm excited about these 10 miles.  I have ran double digits in a long time.  Now is the time.

There you have it.  Five boring things that you definitely could have lived without but I felt you should know.  Have a wonderful weekend.

Angela :)

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