Thursday, July 21, 2011

The long awaited Thursday

This day could not come any faster.  This has been one slow week and a week that I needed over like Monday.  This has been a terrible week for me.  Not in my running or anything like that, it's just been emotional with trying to get past this financial slump that the hubs and I find ourselves in around this time every year.  It seems to be worse now than ever, but I know for a fact that we will get out of it, just not sure when.

Anywho, on to more happy things.  Last night as I was sitting on the couch thinking about the day and waiting for the timer to go off on the stove, I realized that my hip had been bothering more than usual.  So I decided to pop some Ibuprofen, put some icy hot on my hip and sat on an ice pack while I ate.  20 minutes later and the pain is completely gone and hasn't bothered me yet.  I really need to do that every day no matter what.  It helps and it made me feel really good.  So this evening after I'm through with my spin class and have gotten in my 2 miles on the treadmill, I'll go home, cook breakfast for dinner and sit on the ice pack while I eat.  I should have been doing this from day one but oh, well.

I just realized this afternoon that I have been a week off.  I don't have a 5k race next weekend, it's the following weekend.  Somehow I thought that the month ended earlier than it did.  I guess because I'm really excited about this 5k race.  My whole office is going to be out there plus quite a few friends who are going to be running it also.  My boss told me the other day that he has never seen me run a race.  So I'm super excited to see him out there August 6.  He'll walk and I'll yell loudly for him when he crosses the finish line.  It's going to be a fun Saturday morning.

My mom just purchased a Garmin 310.  She called me yesterday asking questions and all I could do was smile because I remember when I first got mine.  I love it.  Right now I have ran 333.6 miles in 49:05 and have burned 33,765 calories.  Wow, that's a whole lot for me.

Well I'm off.  Tomorrow is my favorite day of the week.  So looking forward to Friday.

Angela :) 

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