Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fun on a new trail

So I and the office I work for is signed up for a 5k trail run on August 6.  They finally cut the trail Monday and I finally got to run on it this morning during my 5-mile run.  Yes I know it was suppose to be a tempo run, but honestly I'm not looking to break any speed records during the 15.5k and it really doesn't count in the awards ceremony (only the 10.5k and 5k count) so I'm just going to do the miles instead of trying to add speed.  I might, just might work on speed again after I'm through with the marathon next year.

Back to the trail run.  So I get down to the Y at 3 miles (my run is only 5 miles) and decided to run what I can on the trail before I need to start heading back home.  The trail is really neat and loops around the back woods behind the Y.  The only downside is the trail is freshly cut, so the dirt/sand combo makes for a really tough run.  At times I felt like I was sinking and my time really slowed down while I was back there.  It's also neat because they cut trails off from the main trail, so you can do a different direction.  The trail is suppose to be about 4 miles long, so on Saturday I'm planning to run the whole thing as part of my 10 miler.  I'm really looking forward to it.

I did manage to over shot my run out of the trail and ended up running over 5 miles but because I needed the extra cool-down, I decided to stop my watch right at 5 miles and walk back to the house.  I wasn't that fair and it really did my hip some good to just walk.  I managed to run the 5 miles in 46 minutes.  Not my best time but because I've decided to go for miles and not speed, I really wasn't that upset.

Tomorrow I have 2 miles on tap with a 30-minute spin class thrown in the evening.  I'm super duper excited about having a spin class again and have decided to try new things with them.  The people that come on Thursday evenings seem to be up for anything, so I'm hoping that I can find some good new stuff to teach them.

Well I got to get to work.  I hope everyone has a happy Wednesday and thankfully, we have now hit the other side of the roller coaster.  Weeee, I love roller coasters!!!!

Angela :)

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