Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Review

If you haven't seen Harry Potter Part 2, I recommend watching it.  The hubs and I ordered tickets for the movie on Tuesday from Fandango.  I'm one of those type of people who like to be at the movies, sitting in her sit before the previews come on.  I'm also one of those girls who enjoy the previews.  So when we decided to see Harry Potter on opening night, we knew we needed to be there early.  We got there an hour before the movie started, got our tickets, and then walked over to Mellow Mushroom and hung out with our friends for a while before heading back to the theater.  We still were about 30 minutes early but after chatting up with the movie staffers, he agreed to let us in early.  It was hilarious because we were in the wrong area but because I chatted it up with him and he agreed to let us in, the others who were waiting on the other side, saw us going in and shouted, "Hey, their letting people in."  We ended up getting the good seats because we were the first people in.  I love sitting in front of the rails so we can prop our feet up, those are the good seats that usually get taken first.  Anywho, glad we got there when we did, the place filled up and filled up fast. 

Saturday morning dawned with raining that didn't stop until late into the evening.  So with thoughts of getting in my long run (8 miles) I decided to push the run to the hamster wheel at the gym and go when Monkey goes down for a nap.  So I went to the grocery store and spent way to much money, as usual.  Even with coupons and getting the BIGI's I still went over my budget.  Live and learn.  I'll be better prepared this week, I hope. 

Finally 2 rolls around and I put Monkey down for a nap and head up to the gym.  I hop on the hamster wheel, take a t-shirt I found in the truck to cover up the numbers and just get to running.  At 6.25 miles I just couldn't hang on any longer.  I get off the treadmill but with thoughts of just getting the run in, I hopped back on the treadmill and got in three laps (.75) to finish the run with 7 miles in 1:02.  I was pretty happy with the run, even though I didn't exactly hit my 8 miles but when you start burping and all you can taste is acid, you have to stop and just be happy with what you got and I was. 

Saturday night was spent drinking some Bud Lights (yes, I've officially turned into a beer girl) with the hubs and a friend of ours. 

Sunday rolls around with the sun high in the sky but with also looming black clouds which indicate rain is on the way.  The girls and I go to church and then come home where I proceed to eat lunch as quickly as possible and get outside to get the grass cut.  The rain that was threatening all morning, never happened.  After the grass was cut, a nap was had in the recliner while the Women's World Cup was going on.  I managed to sleep for 50 minutes of the game and woke up in time to see Japan come back in regulation, then watch as the USA took the lead in overtime, only to have Japan tie it up again and then saw Japan take control in penalty kicks.  It was a sad/happy time.  Japan really needed that win after all that it has gone through but on the other side of the coin, I was really pulling for the USA because Bug is a huge (and thanks to her wanting to play two times a year, we are now) fans of the sport. 

My new favorite item that I have picked up this week at the grocery store, thanks to being on sale and having a coupon.  I like yogurt but I like the ones that don't have much of the fruit bits and pieces in it.  I like it creamy and smooth, these are perfect and taste amazing.  I'll definitely be getting some more of these next week.


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