Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Five

Yeah, it's finally Friday.  This week has been tough and I've been sore.  But I have managed to hit all my runs this week, even if they were on different days.  On top of all the running (9 miles so far), I've also taught 3 spin classes (one 30 minute and two 45 minute classes).  I was suppose to teach one this morning but I was told when I got to the gym that no one usually comes to the Friday class. Thanks for telling me this Tuesday morning when I was there, it sure would have saved me the trouble of getting up early but at least I was able to get in my 2 mile run which wouldn't have happened, had I not gone to the gym, so for no one showing up, I was grateful.

On to the good parts of this post:

1.  A little secret that my friend shared with me about cleaning piercings.  Back in February I got this done to my ear.

Well I ran out of the Claire's solution that I had been using.  My ear started to bother me (I was told when I went and had the first earring removed that these type of piercings stay infected because of hair, hair products, sweat, etc.)  My friend told me that she was using her boyfriend's contact solution on her belly piercing, so I thought why the heck not on my ear piercing.  Two days later and I'm sleeping better on that ear and it doesn't hurt when I touch it.  Yeah.

2.  Tomorrow I have 8 miles on my schedule.  It's been a while since I've last ran 8 miles and I'm really looking forward to it.  I have already mapped out my route in my head and hopefully it will be a nice run.

3.  The hubs and I, along with a couple of friends are going to see Harry Potter Part 2 tonight.  I got my tickets Tuesday afternoon and the girls have a sitter for while we are gone.  Bug was suppose to go see the movie with us, but because she kept putting off seeing Part 1, that she is now having to wait until she can see that movie before seeing Part 2.

4.  Speaking of Harry Potter, I've finally read all the books and even though the Goblet of Fire is my favorite movie, the book is just way too long and drawn out.  It's not my favorite book and when I go to reread them again, oh yes I'll reread them again, I'm not looking forward to that book.

5.  My registration form for the Snicker's Marathon for March 3, 2012, has been printed out and filled in.  I'm waiting until the end of August to send it in.  It will only cost me $65 to run the marathon.  I already have an 18-week training schedule printed out and ready to go.  It's not really a hard plan only because I'm not looking to break any time goals for my first marathon.  My only goal is to make it to the finish line.  I've already decided on where friends and family members are going to be on the course and have already asked my mom to help me from mile 20 on to the finish.  She's going to jump in with me at mile 20 and run/walk/crawl/drag my butt the rest of the way.  She's my personal cheerleader and having her help me at the end is going to be what I need, I think.  I'll see more after I get some longer runs of 14 miles and more under my belt.

There you have it.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and weekend.

Angela :)

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