Thursday, July 14, 2011


I just couldn't get up this morning to run a measly two miles.  I am completely whipped.  My thighs are in a lot of pain and everything just feels tired, so I made an executive decision to get the two miles in tomorrow after the spin class.  I just need a day to rest.  I haven't been this sore in a long time and even though I'm loving it (I'm crazy I know), I also realize that I need to give my body time to recoup.

Spin class was amazing yesterday.   I went into with thoughts of wanting to go home but once we got started and my nerves went away (even though I've been teaching these classes for a couple of years now, I still get nervous at the beginning, I have stage fright) the class was just awesome.  We got in some good sweating and at the end, I got tons of thank you's and this class was harder than Monday's class.  Loved it.  I incorporated some push-ups at the end and everyone really thought that was neat and it helped pump up my arms some.

On a really good note, I have been trying to get away from 140lbs. for a while now.  Yesterday morning before my 5-mile run I weighed right at 140 after the run I weighed 139.  I was really pleased with that but yesterday after the spin class I decided to see where I was at and I weighed in at 138.  The hubs told me not to get to excited about it and see where I was this morning.  So I got up, did my morning duty in the bathroom and before I jumped in the shower, I weighed myself again, I was still sitting at 138.  I was so excited.  My stomach actually looks better today than it has all week. 

Well that's all I have for today.  Since I'm not going to run this evening, I've decided to cut the grass.  Because of all the rain we have been having, it looks like a jungle in my front yard and we once again look like the red-headed step children of the neighborhood.  Taking care of that tonight so we have a pretty yard once again.

Have a wonderful Thursday.

Angela :)

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