Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I don't usually do a Thankful Thursday post but because I'm still working on a different post that I was tagged in recently (it should hopefully be up tomorrow) I decided to do this today.

1.  I'm thankful for my babies.  Bug and Monkey are more world.  They drive me crazy most of the time but the other time, we are laughing, playing, talking, and hanging out together.  Last night Bug helped me fold clothes.  We had a great time watching Wipeout and folding clothes together.  Tonight we will do it all over again.

2.  Even though I'm grateful they are in my life, I'm super excited to have a kid-free week again.  I know, I know I went on and on about not having them go away for so long ever again, but having a hardheaded three year old will sometimes make you want to pull your hair out.  We are in the "I want to do it myself" stage and it's not fun.  Any of you with children who are older than 3, understand completely what I"m talking about, those of you without children 3 and older, or with one on the way, your time is coming.

3.  Running.  I have been running hip pain free all week.  Usually by now, my hip is inflammed and killing me.  But because I have been mostly icing after my runs, I'm feeling fantastic.  It's exciting.  Makes me think I will be able to follow through on my marathon dream afterall.

4.  Speaking of marathons, I have found yet again another training plan but this one is 20-weeks long and incorporates a long run of 26 miles into it.  I'm thinking of following through with this plan but taking out some runs and adding in some runs.  I really like the 20-week thing but I also love the 26 mile long run.  It will give me the insight of what it will be like on race day. 

5.  Friends.  I've got a friend packed weekend planned this weekend.  Since the hubs and I have to take the girls halfway to meet his mom, we have decided to go to a friend's house in Alabama to see her new baby and then we are going to hang with some friends at our house Saturday night.  It's going to be a super long day but really fun.

6.  The hubs.  Without him I would be lost.  I love him more than he will ever know, even though I try to tell him every day.  He still gives me butterflies even after 6 years of marriage.  That is love, in my world.

What are you thankful for?

Angela :)

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