Thursday, July 7, 2011

I love short weeks

I'm so happy this is a short work week.  I have a race this Saturday that I really have no goals for.  Since I kinda stopped, then started a new training plan, I haven't really given this race that much thought.  I did manage to run 4 miles the other day and two were in the low 8 minutes.  I know that I can run a 23:32 (I believe that is my PR) but since I haven't really gotten myself ready for a speedy 5K, I just don't think I will PR in this race.  I'll just do my best and use that as my goal for this race.

Tuesday and today we had a substitute in abs class and boy am I SORE!!!!  I was thinking, on Tuesday, that she wasn't going to be that great of a teacher, but now I'm wishing she was going to be there next week.  We did a lot of different ab moves and I'm definitely feeling it.  I love it.

I have to teach a spin class tonight for 30 minutes.  Then I have to teach next Monday at 6 for 45 minutes, Tuesday morning at 5:45 for either 30 or 45 minutes (not sure), Wednesday at 6 for 45 minutes and then Friday morning at 5:45 for either 30 or 45 minutes.  On top of that, I'll still get my runs in for the week also.  I'll let you all know how well this goes.

I'm thankful today for short weeks and tomorrow being Friday.  I'm ready for the weekend, just wish it was a three day weekend again.

Angela :)

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