Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Oh my word

I haven't followed the Casey Anthony trial closely.  I listened to it enough to grasp what was going on.  The main kicker for me in the whole thing was she didn't report her daughter was missing for 31 DAYS!!!!

Last night, while watching the fireworks, we had a bunch of little kids running around.  At one point, Monkey was sitting in front of me, but I didn't notice her and started to panic because the last place I saw her was on the blanket right next to mine.  I blurted out, "Where's Monkey?" and the hubs looked at me and then pointed right beside me.

Me telling that story was, I would have reported my baby missing after the first 10 minutes had passed and I couldn't find her.  To let a day go by without wondering/panic/acting the fool had gone by and she  wasn't worried about her baby, then she doesn't deserve to be a mother.  For her to be out parting, getting tatoos while her baby was missing was just crazy.  What's even crazier is the jury didn't waste much time in coming back to the courtroom and anouncing that she was not guilty and only charging her with a false information to the police.  COME ON PEOPLE.  WAKE UP!!!!

It's the jury like in Florida that's going to have people everywhere using that case for their own problems.  Crazy people everywhere are going to say, "Well Casey Anthony got away with murder, so can I."

No one will ever truly know what happened to that 2-year old.  Casey Anthony will be a hated woman by everyone.  It doesn't matter that she got off , she's not going to have an easy life, like she think she is.  Everyone, except those 12 people that said she was not guilty, thinks she did it.

I'm not going to say any more about it on this blog because this is not what this blog is about but this really got me angry today.  I hope that Casey Anthony gets whats coming to her.

Angela :)

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