Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Review

The weekend is over already.  Where did it go?  We had a pretty good, low key weekend.

Saturday morning Bug woke up feeling like crap.  I thought I'd give her an hour, eat some breakfast and if she was still feeling like death at 10:30, then taking the girls to my sister's house was out of the question.  At 10, I found Bug in my bathroom throwing up.  Plans were cancelled and we stayed home.  I was a little bummed because it was my anniversary and the hubs and I were going to go out with some friends.  Considering we really didn't have the money to go out, it was really a blessing in disguise.  We are hoping to make plans for something at the end of the month with a bunch of friends.  I can't wait.

So, since my plans were cancelled and Monkey was down for a nap, I went and got my hair recut.  I go once every two months to keep the stack look going.  I heart this hair cut.

I have it since Monkey was an infant and really don't want to change.  I also got it cut a lot shorter than I normally do.  Love it.  For the race this weekend, I'm putting cute clips in it to hold the hair out of my face.

Moving on, since our plans were to have no kids and that was cancelled and we ended up with both of our kids for Saturday night, we decided to invite a few people over and call it a night.  My BFF who was living in South Carolina but had moved back home this weekend, came over.  I was so excited to spend some time with her.  I heart her and it was so much fun. 

Sunday brought a small hangover and lots of lying around.  I did actually put the kiddie pool up for the kids but since I wasn't feeling like laying out like I thought I had wanted to, a nap was in order and then we had to get over to the church for a meeting about Bug's summer church camp.  After that I came home and lounged around some more.

I didn't get in running in.  Since Bug was sick Saturday, the hubs had to work, and I was just too lazy, I didn't get to run but don't worry exercising did take place.  I went on a five mile bike ride.  The hubs needed some smokes Saturday afternoon.  Since I was planning on going bike riding anyways, I decided to just ride down to the store and get them.  It was a lot of fun and I see I'm going to enjoy adding this to my exercise program, which I need to jump back into feet first and quickly.

In other exciting news, I'm on the last Harry Potter book.  I have really enjoyed reading this series and the hubs is excited because he can't wait to discuss things when I am finally finished.  I think I enjoy the books more than the movies.  We are also about to start the 6th movie with Bug.  We are watching one every week so she can see the Death Hallows Part 2 when it comes out next month.  This has been a fun family event that I really enjoy doing every Sunday.

This afternoon I plan on running 5 miles after work.  I know I said I wasn't going to do anymore after work runs but Bug had to be somewhere by 7:30 and I really just didn't have it in me to get up that early to get the run done.  I'm also contemplating running on the treadmill at the gym and incorporating some weights into my workout.  We shall see.

Angela :)

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