Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I'm not the kind of girl that usually throws on make-up for a quick trip to the store, nor will I brush my hair and make sure my outfit looks good.  I don't really care much about my appearance unless I'm going to work or going out to party it up.

But at the past 5k race I did, the friend that rode with me meet her husband's cousin-in-law there.  After the race we were standing around talking and the cousin-in-law mentioned that she worked at a vein clinic.  I asked if she could just look at my calf for me and tell me what the black/bruise things were.  She told me I had the beginning of varicose veins.  My self-esteem took a huge hit.  In my mind, only older people got those, not young 30 year old moms.  Ever since she told me what it was, all I can think of are ways to hide my calf. 

The hard part about this, I love my legs.  My calf muscles are strong and you can definitely see them.  I might have fat thighs that like to rub together on runs, but my legs are my main focus point of my body for me.  They get me through miles after miles in not only tough runs but easy runs.  I was also told I would have to stop exercising for about three months, if I had the surgery to remove the problem veins.  I'm thinking of waiting five to ten years before deciding on what to do.  I've read up on it and compression socks help, so I'm going to start wearing those things like pants. 

Anywho, do you have to be dressed up to go to the mailbox or are you like me, and will wear whatever you have on sans makeup and your hair done?

Angela :)

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