Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Laziness at its best

I was sooooo sleepy this morning that when the alarm went off, I knew there was no way I was going to make it to the track.  I guess my body was telling me something I really didn't want to hear but I heeded its advice and went back to sleep.  Well the best I could considering that the hubs seems to snore more during the early morning hours than any other time.  I should have gone to the track.  Oh well, I'll have to suffer in the heat this evening to get this run done but it will be done this afternoon.

Payday is great but it also sucks when you realize that after everything gets paid, you wind up in the same spot you were before you got your paycheck.  That sucks.  I was hoping to put more into my checking account but alas, I'll end up exactly where I'm at right now.  At least the hubs gets paid on Friday and since he's been working more Saturday's here recently, that will help out tremendously. 

In other news, my friend showed me her stockpile from couponing and I'm totally jealous.  I haven't gotten nearly as much as she does but when I went to get some hamburger meat from my freezer this morning, I realized that I might not have the canned goods, the boxes of cereal or the juice like she does, but my freezer is full of stuff.  I didn't get it free but when they have buy one/get one on pork, hamburger meat, chicken, etc, I stock up on that stuff.  So I guess I'm doing pretty well in the couponing world. 

With that said, it's Wednesday and the new circulars have come out and I'm pretty excited to try again this weekend on getting some good deals.  I really have started looking forward to Wednesday's just because of the circulars.  My friend also told me that if I ever needed any coupons, to come on down to her house,she has more than she will ever use and I can go through her pile and get some. SCORE!!!  I got some hair coloring coupons yesterday for my personal use.  I go through hair coloring kits like crazy, so stockpiling on those and since CVS has really good deals on hair coloring kits, I'll definitely be there this weekend stocking up.

All right peeps, I'm out because I have to get to work.  The boss wants a list of what I'm working on and since I can't put "writing new blogs" on my list or "couponing" I'll get to my real work.  Have a wonderful Wednesday.  I'll be back this evening, hopefully, if I can beat the hubs to the computer, with how my speed workout went.

Angela :)

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