Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Five

It's finally Friday.  Here are my five random things for today.

1.  I want a pool.  We have a kiddie pool for the kids to play in but I want a pool where I can float around and not worry about knocking into anyone.  Hopefully one day it will happen.

2.  I have 6 miles on tap for tomorrow.  Even though I didn't get in my track workout this week, I'm still doing really good about getting in my runs.  I've been kicking myself for not going to the track but I'm also proud of myself because my hip has been acting funny since I've upped the running and I'm not going to let it take me out in the first week of my new training schedule.  No way, no how.

3.  The hubs has to work again tomorrow and the girls and I are going to my cousin's baby's 2nd birthday party.  Should be lots of fun.  I always enjoy a kids birthday party. 

4.  My favorite people are coming to my house tomorrow night.  Ever since my bestie moved back home, two weeks ago, we have spent every single weekend together.  I'm loving every single minute of it and don't ever want it to end.

5.  The hubs and I still haven't gotten that one night with no kids.  We suppose to have it this weekend but then my friend didn't have a sitter for her kids and lack of funds will be a halt to any night out so inviting our friends over to the house for a BYOB (build your own burger) night sounded like the next best thing.  I'm so excited and really looking forward to a great evening with friends, who I wish were my family members because we are that close.

There you have it.  Five random, totally boring, things going on in my life.


Angela :)

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