Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I was cruising my google feeder when I stumbled across this blog (runningwithbabes).  She listed her food quirks and then asked what were yours.  Considering I'm one of the worst picky eaters out there, I thought I would list mine also.  Here goes nothing:

1.  I absolutely hate onions.  I don't even want to try onions fried.   When a recipe calls for onions, and it's something I'm going to eat also, I add onion powder or onion salt for that onion flavor without adding onions.

2.  I love peas/beans of almost any variety. When I was younger, my dad would just give the pots of whatever beans/peas that was cooked after everyone else was finished.  I would polish off that pot after I was finished with my own meal first. 

3.  I do the same thing with corn.  Corn on the cob, canned corn, frozen corn, creamed corn, etc.  I'm a corn fanatic.  I could eat it at every meal, and sometimes we do.

4.  I drank coffee as a toddler out of my mom's cup.  She would find me sitting on the counter sipping coffee out of her cup.  Then I grew up and hated the stuff, that is until I turned 30.  Now I drink two cups a day. 

5.  Chocolate is my weakness.  If there is any chocolate in the house, I'm going to eat it.  I mostly wait until Monkey and Bug have gone to bed so I don't have to share. 

6.  Same thing applies to ice cream.  I sometimes don't even tell the family I bought ice cream, just so I don't have to share it.

7.  I've learned to appreciate zucchini.  I actually loved the stuff grilled with seasoned salt and butter.  It's great and what's even better, Bug likes it to.

8.  When I order salads at a restaurant, it has to only have lettuce, whatever meat (usually chicken and usually fried), cheese and croutons with lots and lots of RANCH dressing.  What's even funnier is, my sister orders her salads the same way, so I usually just have her order for me.

9.  Speaking of lettuce, I love a huge big bowl of lettuce but keep the stuff off my sandwiches, hamburgers, and tacos.  Gross gag me now.  No idea why.

10.  I've recently come to like jalapeno peppers.  Thanks to the hubs. 

11.  Sweet potatoes soffule use to gross me out but when I was pregnant with Monkey I tried some at Thanksgiving, now I come up with any excuse to make it myself.

I have more but I feel that is enough for now.  Your turn, what's your food quirks?

Angela :)

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