Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's June

Man this year is flying right on by.  I can't believe we are half way through the year, where has it gone? 

Bug is through with soccer until September.  I, therefore, am ready to get my racing on.  In a mere 10 days I'll be racing my first race since March.  March people.  That is way to long to go without a race.  I've been working on speed work but it hasn't gone according to plan but that's what always happens, so I'm not to concerned.  The race will be ran around Lake Blackshear in Cordele, Georgia.  I'm hoping to talk the hubs into coming so we can all jump into the lake afterwards, but who knows.  He might opt for sleep over watching me run.  He always does, the worm.  But I love him anyways because he will be staying home with the girls while I get up at the butt crack of dawn to go run a race. 

I see all these recaps of the previous month and I do enjoy them, I just can't bring myself to write them.  I have goals, I have memorable runs, I'm happy with the miles I've ran, happy with the times I've put up, just not going to remember it all to recap about it.

I also have some minor goals for June but I'm not going to post them.  I usually don't live up to my goals, and usually just go with the flow, and since I don't really train for 5ks anymore and since my goal race isn't until August when I attempt my first race of 15.5 (10.5k and 5k together), my goals are not really that important.  I am hoping to go sub 23 at the race on June 11, but I'll have a post of that as the race gets closer.  My other goal race is the marathon in March 2012.  I honestly have already got my goals for this race and will be posting them when the time comes but for know now they are not time based at all. 

So on to other important matters, my sucky 5 mile run this morning.  I have no idea why it sucked but it just did and I was really bummed about it.  I'm not exactly sure where my running legs have gotten off to this week but I do hope they find me soon.  Let's just say that I had a bad mile in with these five and had to stop and just relax for a couple of minutes before going on.  I also tried out a new route that didn't exactly carry out into 5 miles and had to make up some mileage on the fly but all-in-all miles is miles and the run is done and all I can do now is move on to tomorrow's speed work at the track.

I have already gotten my grocery list started for this weekend.  I'm super excited about it and hope to walk away with at least a $50 savings in groceries.  I'll move the number up after I have gotten the hang of this coupon shopping.

Have a wonderful Wednesday. 

Angela :)

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