Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Saving money week 1

So this past weekend I took my new obsession to the streets.  After looking over circulars for 3 days, I decided to go to Winn-Dixie.  I figured I would get more for my money there.  So I wrote out my list, organized what coupons I would be using and set off.

After an hour's worth of shopping I had a buggy full of groceries and everything on my list had been marked through.  I was a little hesitate and nervous going up to the cash register.  I knew I needed to save some bucks because we didn't have a whole lot in the bank and this would let me know if I wanted to continue with this or not.  So the cashier begins to ring up my cart.  Before I gave her my number for my card the total was $106 and some change.  I gave her my number and the most coolest experience I have ever had happened, that number went from $106 to $80 and then after swiping only one coupon I managed to walk out of Winn-Dixie spending $79 and some change.  I walked out of that store so very pumped up and excited.  Now I know $26 isn't a whole lot but for a newbie, it was what made my whole weekend.  I'm doubly pumped for this weekend's shopping trip and I'm really looking forward to getting the circulars tomorrow so I can plan my shopping trip again.

Sunday was spent lounging around doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  I knew I wanted to get a run in but trying to plan one around all my doing nothing was hard.  So it never happened.  I did mow the grass and my arms and chest are paying the price for it.  We have a push mower, so my arms really get a good workout whenever I do mow the grass.  Monday rolls around and again, I knew I needed to get out and get a run in but instead the hubs and I pulled furniture away from the walls and we swept and mopped our whole living room, dining room, and hallway while the girls picked up all their toys out of the living room, picked up their bedrooms, and Bug cleaned her bathroom without being asked.  After all that was done the girls and I went to my dad's for a fish fry.  The best thing I had eaten.  It was so good and I ate my weight in fried foods, I believe.

After that I went back home to change into my bathing suit and the whole family went to my FIL's apartment complex and went swimming where Monkey learned how to use arm rings and doggie paddle around the pool by herself.  I did dunk her once, where she immediately said afterward, "Do not do that again."  I have never laughed so hard.  Then the hubs put her on his back and swam around the pool with her.  I wish I had remembered my camera it was so cute.

So this morning I dragged my fatty butt out of bed and ran a hard 4 miles.  I struggled and complained under my breath but I did get the miles in.  I tried to keep the pace above 9 minute/miles and did a good job of succeeding but I was a complete sweaty mess when it was all done and was smiling on the inside because I did it.

My lunch break consisted of ab class where I was again reminded of the 3 days of non-exercising.  I'm going to be sore tomorrow, but I'll be happy so there is that.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. 

Angela :)

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