Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Five

Well it's the start of a long weekend and instead of getting to enjoy a quite weekend with just my girls and the hubs, I'm also having to take care of my sister's kids tonight and most of tomorrow.  I'm alright with them staying over, Monkey loves when her cousin spends the night, I'm upset at the fact that my sister and the babies' daddy doesn't understand or appreciate other people's time and boundaries.  Even though I'm suppose to take them to him at 5 tomorrow, that feeling of him calling saying that he's not going to be there until later, etc. creeps into my mind and I can already see Monday rolling around and I still have her children.  That is what upsets me the most and my sister doesn't understand why we don't like to keep her kids more often.  Well my friends, no worries, she's pushed on me enough and today she's going to find out why.  I'm telling her how I feel about it finally after years of being pushed around.  Enough is enough.

Alright moving on from that though, here is my Friday five, in no particular order:

1.  I'm taking the kids to a local park that was built for special needs children but has other playground equipment for other children as well.  I figure time outdoors will help alleivate the stress of having 4 children stuck in doors.

2.  Tomorrow I'm hoping to get to put my coupons to the test.  As long as I can get the children to take naps at a decent hour, I'm hoping to go then so that way the hubs will only have to watch Bug, if she chooses to stay home.

3.  I ran 5x400's this morning.  I was suppose to do this workout yesterday but due to achy calf muscles, sore hip, and rain, it got pushed to this morning and I was suppose to do 6x400 but I just couldn't muster up the energy to get that last 400 in.  I called it quits at 5 and managed to get in 3.85 miles.  Not to shabby.  400's are no joke though, I felt like puking while running through them. 

4.  I'm hoping to get in some miles tomorrow but seeing as I have my sister's children, I just don't think I'll manage it.  I usually like to go first thing in the morning but I don't know their sleep habits well enough to know if I'll be able to sneak away for 8 miles or not.  If it were just Bug and Monkey it would be no problem because they are use to waking up on Saturday mornings and I'm dragging my sweaty butt home from out running.  With two extra children, I'm thinking of pushing the run off until Sunday. 

5.  Our plans for Memorial Day weekend include deep cleaning our house.  We have an ant problem and while getting rid of them the other day, the hubs and I decided that we needed to spring clean the house.  We plan on pulling the couches away from the wall, the beds away from the walls, mopping, getting on our hand and knees scrubbing everything.  I'm hoping that we can get most of this down starting Saturday night and be finished with it by Sunday evening.  On Monday, I want to rest.  Keep your fingers crossed it happens.

Well that's it.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and I'll be back Tuesday with how my weekend went and to catch up on what everyone else did.

Angela :)

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