Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Three

1.  This morning Bug had her braces consultation.  The doctor we are planning on using said that she's eligible for the children braces and that it would really help her out, even though she's still got 12 baby teeth that have to come out.  He also said we have to go and see a periodontics about her lower gums.  He said they were thin and that he was concerned about putting braces on her lower teeth because of it. 

2.  I didn't go for my run this morning.  Yesterday my calf muscles were on fire and my hip was really bothering me.  I didn't sleep well, so when the alarm went off, I slapped the heck out of that thing, changed the time and went back to sleep.  I'm definitely going this afternoon though.

3.  Because I've been at work all day with Bug.  She's a great kid but I can tell she's getting bored and I need some me time.  So while the pizza is baking, I'll be heading down to the track to get in my much needed run.  I don't really want to run in this dry heat but I will feel so much better afterwards because last night I ate a Rolo McFlurry from McDonalds.  It was so good and it should have been outlawed.  I could get in trouble eating those things.

There you go.

Happy Thursday my friends.

Angela :)

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