Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

I'm feeling like me again.  For some weird reason, Monday and Tuesday were just not my days.  If I could have punched someone, I would have.  I was ill and everything got on my nerves.  Since I have an IUD in place, I don't get my monthly visitor but I do get the effects of "her."  My face breaks out, my body aches, and I get ill as a hornet.  It finally hit me yesterday afternoon just what in the world was going on.  My monthly friend was in town wanting to play.  Hell to the no sister, I don't want you around.  I decided not to let her take control of me today and to make the best of it as I can.  Insert smiling, at everything.  Even though I was still late getting to work, I didn't take it out on my girls or the hubs.  I just let it be and decided that how ever many minutes I was late getting to work could be made up on my lunch break.  If your wondering, I was 3 minutes late.

What is going on with this crazy weather???  I got up, got dressed and made it out the door right at 6 a.m. for my 5 mile run this morning.  Luckily I knew it was going to be chilly so I put on my arm warmers again for this run.  But I should have worn my running pants instead of shorts.  I was freezing.  At times I could see my breath as I ran along.  I also decided to try out a new running route.  I thought I can make it into 5 miles but I'm thinking that the loop is going to be more towards the 8 miles that I need to run on Saturday, so I'm going to try it out then.  Luckily I realized that I was going to have to cut out some of the loop when I hit 4 miles and still had two to go before I would get home.  Luckily I was right beside my house and easily made the 1 mile back home. 

Mile 1 - 9:11
Mile 2 - 8:36
Mile 3 - 8:39
Mile 4 - 8:40
Mile 5 - 8:54
Total miles: 5
Total time: 44:06
Average pace: 8:48
Calories burned: 505

Tomorrow I have work at the track on schedule.  I'm really looking forward to Thursday mornings because of that. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday all.

Angela :)

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