Sunday, May 22, 2011

Do you coupon?

After watching a marathon of Extreme Coupon, I was excited to give couponing a try.  I was awake this morning at 6 and since I was tired of just laying around watching time move slowly, I got up and went and got a paper.  I already had a binder that I was going to use for bills, but since I do most of my bill paying online, I decided to go ahead and use the binder for coupons.  The coupons I want to use have been clipped, alphabetically placed in their place in the binder and on Wednesday I'm going to check out the circular for the stores I want to use and hope to save some money.

I've actually been saving $25 a week with just using a list and planning out our meals for the week.  I haven't had to go to the store at all in almost two weeks during the week to get anything.  I'm hoping that with couponing I can save even more.  I don't have any plans to get crazy like the ladies/men on that show with couponing but saving money is something my family is in desparate need of, so I'm going to give it a try.  I will give an update on how my couponing is going after about a month of doing it.  I'm super excited to give this a try.

As for running, I'm glad tomorrow is the beginning of a new week.  My running last week was doing pretty well until Thursday, when I decided to try a family affair at the track, that never happened.  Thought about doing it on Friday, changed my mind and set out Saturday morning for a nice 10 mile run that was cut in half when I kept having a strong-shooting pain go through my back.  I'm feeling better today, so tomorrow I'm getting myself up and going for a morning run.  It's back to 100 degree days, and there is no way I'm going to run in that heat, if I can help it.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.



  1. i've watched that's amazing! I wish they weren't always just buying crap though - who needs 160 boxes of pasta? I totally think a list helps. good luck!

  2. Like that one show where a woman was buying cat food and treats and she doesn't even have a cat. Why do that. I'm only going to use coupons for items that my family and I eat on a daily basis. I've already found some good deals on sports drinks, body wash, paper towels, etc. Super excited.