Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Getting into a grove

I've noticed lately that my running is becoming awesome again.  I've had only one sucky run and that was a week ago.  All the runs since then have been really great.  Reminds me why I love to run.  I'm finding my grove in the under 9 minute miles again and it feels effortless.  Let's hope it last.

Well yesterday I was suppose to get a 5 miler in with 3 at an 8ish/7:50ish pace.  It didn't happen.  I brought everything to work to run on my lunch break (we have been having some cooler days, which is why I wanted to run on my lunch break) but I realized about mid-morning that the shorts I brought didn't have panties included in them, so running with panties was a must but I forgot to bring a clean pair.  I didn't want to chance running in the shorts I brought with nothing on underneath and I wasn't really feeling a run, so I just bagged the whole thing.  Since I'm really only training for a speed at a 5k, I didn't think it was going to hurt me to much not to get the run in.

So this morning I got up and got on outside for a run.  It was a chilly 54 degrees so the arm sleeves were a must.  It ended up being a great 4 mile run.  I bagged the 5 mile tempo run after getting a later start than I wanted.  I didn't get outside until 6:10 and I know without a doubt it takes me anywhere between 40 to 45 minutes to run 5 miles.  I just didn't want to risk it so I decided to just my legs run.  I ended up running the 4 miles somewhere around 35 minutes.  I was very happy with it because again, the run felt effortless and I was enjoying myself.

A week or two back my mp3 player feel from my hand mid-run one morning and ever since that fateful Thursday morning, it has not worked right since.  My mom had given us an Ipod Nano about a year to two years ago.  The hubs used it mainly when he went to the gym.  I loved my mp3 player.  It had all my songs on them and where I wanted them.  When it died, I think my run started suffering then, ha ha.  The hubs offered to let me have the Ipod.  I AM NOW AN IPOD LOVER!!!!  If I could sleep with that thing in the bed and know I wouldn't lose it, I would.  I clip it to my sportsbra, the headphones never bother me, and flipping through the music is pretty easy.  Since it's a Nano, I don't know what song I'm getting next and I like it.  This morning it gave me some great rock songs that helped push me through the great 4 mile run.  I'm seeing many, many awesome runs with this thing.  I heart you Ipod Nano.

Tomorrow I'm planning on just running 5 miles at an easy/tempoish pace.  Since my 15.5 training schedule has me running 4 days in a row, this will help me get use to running back to back.  I sat down yesterday and typed out my training schedule through August.  I'm super stocked to start that training, it looks very interesting, tough, and something I'm going to find myself liking.  We shall see.

Angela :)

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  1. glad the running seemed to turn around this week. love when that happens!