Monday, May 16, 2011

My weekend

Since blogger was down most of Thursday afternoon and almost all of Friday, I never did get a chance to get up my Friday Five.  I'm just going to skip those from last week.  I had nothing of interest going on anyways.

Since Bug had a friend spend the night Friday night for her birthday, I the hubs told me not to go decided to not go running until I took the girls to their grandfather's house.  Don't think I didn't get any exercising done, if you have never played Rayman's Raving Rabids on the Wii, I highly suggest checking that game out.  Loads of fun and you'll be sweating after about 5 minutes of play time.  I then took Monkey to Walmart and we got our shopping on.

Well 4 rolled around and the hubs and I decided that since we had the afternoons to ourselves that we would go out to eat.  We ended up at Chili's at 5:30.  So if you've been keeping up, I didn't get my run in.  I was a little disappointed in myself for letting another weekend slip away and no running was being done.  So I made a promise to myself and to the hubs that I would be running on Sunday, NO MATTER WHAT.

After Bug had been picked up for Sunday School, breakfast had been digested and the new episode of Swamp People had been watched, I got ready for my run.  I was planning on running 6 miles.  I didn't want to start off to fast because it had been 2 days since I last ran but I didn't want to start off to slow.  Here's what happened:

Mile 1 - 8:37
Mile 2 - 8:39
Mile 3 - 8:42
Mile 4 - 8:49
Mile 5 - 8:55
Mile 6 - 8:51
Total miles: 6
Total time: 52:39
Average pace: 8:46
Calories burned: 607

I felt great during the whole run.  It felt effortless to run sub 9 minute miles when the past runs here lately I have been having trouble keeping it below 9:30.  I was super excited when I finished with how amazing I felt and when I walked in and told the hubs how effortless the run felt, he said "see it does help to take some time off."  I just smirked at him, drank a bottle of water and jumped in the shower. 

My training for this week is going to go a little like this:

Monday - 5 miles (3 at 8ish pace)
Tuesday - spin class/abs class
Wednesday - 4 mile easy run
Thursday - 3.5 miles (4x400 with 200 jogs between, 1 mile warmup and 1 mile cool down)/abs class
Friday - spin class
Saturday - 8 miles
Total miles: 20.5

Have a wonderful Monday all.

Angela :)

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