Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Boredom

I. am. bored.

I'm so bored.  Yes I have work to do but I'm lacking the motivation to get it done and anywho, my boss is out at a seminar at the moment, so once I was finished on the work, I would be BORED again.  I hate boredom, it usually leds me wanting to eat.  We have some chocolate in our kitchen here at work, I'm contemplating getting some more.  I need to STOP!!!!

I'm sunburned.  I look like a lobster so getting in a run this morning was OUT OF THE QUESTION!!!!  If I feel alright after work, I'm contemplating going on a three mile run.  If I don't make it, don't worry, I'm going to be practicing soccer with Bug, so I will definitely be getting some running in.

This week my workout schedule looks like this:

Monday - 3 miles (running on soccer field with Bug)
Tuesday - spin class/weights/ab workout
Wednesday - 4 miles
Thursday - 4 miles/abs class/teach 30 minute spin class
Friday - spin class
Saturday - 6 miles
Sunday - REST

Total miles - 17 miles
Total ab class - 2
Total spin class - 3
Total workouts with Bug - 1

It's looking like it's going to be a good week of working out.  I'm hoping to get it all in. 

Hard to believe that it's already May.  My Bug will be turning 9 on May 11 and I have a 5k race to get ready for in June.  I really need to incorporate some speedwork into my training.  In that 5k race I'm doing in June, I dared someone to try and beat me.  Considering I've gotten my 5k PR down to 23:31, I'm hoping to go sub 23 for this 5k, in order to do that, I need to work on speed.  I think I might take my hiney over to the high school track and work on some speed work while getting in the miles. 

Angela :)

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