Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Hump Day Wednesday

Where has this week gone?  I can't believe it's Wednesday already.  With that said, I'm SLACKING in the exercise department.  I haven't done much in the way of getting anything in. 

I used the excuse of getting fried Sunday as not exercising.  It's a lame excuse but I used it anyway. 

Yesterday I ran for the first time since Saturday.  I was sucking wind and it was HOT outside at 5:45.  I only allotted myself 30 minutes of running time because Bug had a soccer game that started at 6:30.  I managed to run 2.65 miles in 23:XX.  I was a little upset with myself that I didn't get the full 3 miles in but I also knew that I was tired and it would have taken me longer to get the rest of the mile in than it did just to stop.  I also forgot socks and was running in my running shoes with no socks.  My feet felt disgusting. 

Bug's team lost yesterday so I guess when I have a crapastic run, the girls have a pretty good game.  They only lost by 1 point but they played with some emotion yesterday and didn't give up and in my book, that's a pretty good game.  We have one more game and then it's on to the season tournament and then we are through until August when fall soccer starts back up.  This also means I'll get to participate in races.  I'm super doper stocked about that.  I've decided that since Bug has soccer games mostly on Saturdays, I'll try not to race while she's playing.  It's a difficult choice and one that I sometimes wish I never made, but the look on Bug's face after a game or a really good play proves to me that she's happy I decided to go to her game than do what I want.  I aim to make her happy.

I'm planning on running 5 miles on my lunch break today.  I brought everything, even socks, to work and will get out there at 12 to get my run in.  I was going to go this morning but after looking over the weather for today, I decided to push it back until noon because it's only going to get up to 78 today and considering the heat over the last few days and what the temperature is suppose to get up to next week, this looks like it's going to be my last lunchtime run until the fall.

Tomorrow I'm going to have to get up early to get my run in because after work I'm teaching a 30-minute spin class.  I'm really excited for this class because I've been reviewing music for it and I've got a pretty good CD for it.  It's going to be fun.  I'm hoping my friend comes.  She's never been to a spin class, so I'm hoping to talk her into it.  30-minutes isn't that long, so let's hope I can convince her.

Well I'm off to get some actual work done.  Have a wonderful day everyone.

Angela :)

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  1. Every once in awhile I have a week where my running just SUCKS - every run feels hard, I feel tired, etc. Then the next week I'll be back to normal again. So strange. Maybe you're having one of those weeks! I wouldn't get too down on yourself about it.