Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lunchtime Runs

I did it.  I ran 5 miles in 44:48.  It was AWESOME weather, so I guess we do have a little spring time weather around these parts after all.  It 68 degrees out and perfect for a tank top and running shorts.  I took a hammer gel at 12:15 (I didn't get started on this run until 12:30 due to some changes of everyone's lunch schedules).  I find that if I take the gels, doesn't matter what distance, 15 minutes before I head out the door, I'm destined for a good run.

Anywho, back to the run, it was nice outside.  I just let me feet take me wherever they wanted to go.  I did let myself try to get away with only 4 miles but when I did hit the 4th mile, I was a pretty good ways from the office, so I just sucked it up and got that 5th mile done.  I honestly felt better for doing it than I would have felt if I just let myself run 4 miles. 

Tomorrow I'm going to run 4 miles in the morning before work, 30 minute abs on my lunch break and then teach a 30 minute spin class after work.  Now if every day was like that, then I would have no excuses as to why I didn't get my workouts in.

Now if only this nasty cough would go away so I wouldn't feel like puking after my runs, that would be nice.  I have to thank Monkey for the cough. 

Since I have a 5k on June 11, I'm going to start heading over to the high school track for some speed sessions.  If I want to get that coveted sub 23 5k, then I need to start incorporating some speed.  If anyone has any good speed workouts that they use or have used in the past, send them my way, I'm the person who needs a schedule and at the moment, speed is not on my schedule.  Thanks in advance for anything you send me.

I'm out.

Angela :)

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