Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Five

It's Friday my lovely blogging peeps.  I'm so happy that it is Friday because this week has dragged on and for some weird reason, I'm feeling some tension at work, so the weekend is a great relief for me to just get away from it all. 

So here's my Friday five to keep everyone bored out of their minds entertained:

1.  Bug has her final soccer game before the season tournament starts tomorrow.  Bad thing is the hubs has to work tomorrow and my mom was hoping to be able to make it but she is going fishing today and tomorrow, so it's just going to be me and the girls.  Shouldn't be to bad but Monkey can sometimes (who am I kidding, all the time) drive me crazy with her requests of "Mommy I need to go to the bathroom." "Mommy I'm hungry."  "Mommy can I have something to drink."  Should be tons of fun.

2.  I'm hoping to be able to get in 6 miles before the hubs leaves for work.  He usually leaves (when he works on Saturday's) around 7:30, so I'm going to have to get up around 6 to get this run in.  If I have to wait until the afternoon, I don't plan on going for the run until 6 in the afternoon, it's going to be HOT tomorrow.

3.  I've been working out harder than ever this week.  It's only Friday but I have already logged 12 miles on the running front, taught a spin class, and did two ab classes.  You would think I would be sore or tired this morning but I probably could have gotten out this morning and ran a couple of miles.  I'm taking a rest day because I know I need it but it's tough when you really want to run.

4.  Can't believe that Mother's Day is already upon us.  I'm planning on going to church with Bug and having breakfast with her Sunday School class, then heading over to my mom's church for the church service with her and my step-dad's family and then we are going out to eat.  I'm then planning on taking a nap and hoping I get to have the rest of the day to be doted on.  Doubtful but a mom can dream, right. 

5.  I'm ready to be able to go to a swimming pool.  Even though we have warm weather down in these parts, the water is not ready to get into.  Well you can get into it if you want, but it's going to be COLD.  My FIL (father-in-law) lives in an apartment complex with a pool.  Can't wait to hit it up.

6.  I'm going to add a No. 6 because I'm being generous, I want to play cards.  I haven't played since my birthday bash (and I don't remember too much from that night) so I'm ready to play now.  I don't care if it's Texas Holdem' or quarter poker, I just want some of my favorite peeps at the house, drink some cold ones, and take their money.  Sounds like a good night to me.

There you have, 6 boring entertaining things that have gone through my head just now.  I hope everyone has a wonderful day. 

Angela :)

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